Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Its about time...

Dear Pretty Panda,

My deepest apologies for not writing sooner as things have been busy and finding the write words has been hard. The time you were here was beyond anything I could imagine. Showing you my world is something that I hope you will keep with your forever and cherish. From the moment you stepped off that plane I was elevated to a place beyond happiness, where nothing in the world seemed to matter but us. I will not forget your looks of amazement as you saw things from the very first cacti (not harvested), to the amazing Sedona scenery, to the look on your face as we over looked the city from atop the grand Ferris wheel. I love you so much mi amor! Everytime I see your face you are more prettier than when I saw you last.

There is only one word that i can think of every time i think of you, Perfect. You are everything i could ever ask for and more. The love and care you show for me is greater than anything i could have ever imagined. From a random text to let me know your thinking of me to the wonderful gifts you bestow upon me. I can only hope that i make you feel as wonderful as you make me feel. Soon will begin a new year and i cant help but say that im excited for the events that will take place. For the first time im glad a new year is here. I look forward toward all the wonderful time and memories we will share and maybe a trip to Catalina. I know you were worried about what my parents would think of you but i can tell you this that they like you and i know you will grow a close bond to my familia.

As i sit and write this mi amor i cant help but look at the picture of us on my desk and how happy we look together. Soon my love that will be everyday for us and no one will be able to keep us apart. I love you so much!!! I send you all my love and kisses and cant wait for the day i get to see you again. Te Amo!

With All My Love,

Handsome Panda

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seconds Closer

Dear Handsome Panda,

I’m staring at the clock as it ticks down, the seconds passing. Struggling to keep the sanity between the time it seems that I can’t think straight, speak with sense or breathe fully without feeling the aching emptiness I carry around in my heart not being able to be with you. I miss you.

I treasure our evenings together chatting on the phone, telling secrets between each other, playing in a pixilated world of fantasy, celebrating our precious 8/8/08, poking fun of each other, watching movies wireless, our in-depth philosophical conversations and those little moments where just the sound of your breathe over the phone line is enough to make me feel like I’m being held by you.

September has arrived and I’m starting to feel the momentum of being days closer to you. I keep looking for that first autumn leaf to fall. The symbol that means I’ll soon be boarding that plane and drifting on clouds, only to fall securely in your arms. It just can’t come soon enough.

When I was young and na├»ve I used to wish for a crystal ball that would show me the future. I used to wonder if I would ever find my true love and what my life would be like with them. I’ve found better then a crystal ball…I found you and I know what our future will be like…it will be full of love. Nothing could have prepared me for the way that I love you and the unconditional way that you love me in return. Forget the crystal ball as I’m convinced the future couldn’t have seen this one coming either.

The second hand is still ticking away on the clock with each echoing click bringing me closer to you. I give you those seconds and every second ever after.

I love you my darling.


Pretty Panda

Friday, August 8, 2008

Forever Yours

Dear Pretty Panda,
At the time of you reading this you should of received a special gift from me. Today is 8/8/08. To the rest of the world it is not any different than any other day, but to us this day is a lot more special and meaningful. We have well known each other for over a year and have shared many laughs, smiles, jokes, secrets and many other emotions too long to list but the most important of these is Love. What we both sought and longed for we have found. As each day goes by I miss you more and more and long for the day when I get to see you again. I know I have been on you about selecting a date of when we started our romantic journey together but in all reality a date is nothing more than a date. I celebrate the anniversary of our love for each other each every day and with every breath and moment. I can’t begin to describe in words how incredibly lucky I am to have someone so beautiful, wonderful and perfect in my life. I love you with all my heart!! Tho at this moment I cant help but feel sorry for the beautiful flower arrangement sitting on your desk. For it has been out shined by your beauty and smile. I Love You!Love <8>Handsome Panda

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Distance is Only Temporary

Dear Handsome Panda,

I have taken my time in writing you back and for the delay I am sorry. It is just that each and every moment I have I find myself soaring through daydreams of you and our five wonderful days together. The feeling of your amazing kisses linger on my lips and remind me of the taste of that first summer cherry. I’m reminded how it felt to be wrapped in your arms, listening to your heartbeat and breathing in the soft smell of you. There is nothing more amazing than the paradise that is spending time with you. Next thing I know I find tears falling from my cheek and a blinking cursor taunting me back into reality. It came too slow and once it was here it flew by like the speed of light. Oh…how I miss you.

Finding words to the memories we have made is impossible it seems. My heart could sing a song for you instead…but I’m sure you already know the melody as the same notes play in your heart too. I’ve never been shown love by anyone the way that you take my hand; look in my eyes and without words just show “love”. It is storybook, surreal even.

As an eternal skeptic of the “love-at-first-sight” thing I can now fully assure the world that it does exist but only the purest form of love. From the first moment I laid my hazel eyes on the outline of your frame in the airport I felt like I was flying as I took the next steps bringing each beautiful detail of you into focus. My fear melted away. There you were, more handsome than anyone I could imagine. Your smile beaming and your eyes with their signature sparkle. I was awestruck. Our first kiss…was like walking on a rainbow over a spring rain. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before…and it was all you!!!

The gift of a promise from you was more than I could have ever imagined. It is amazing! I wear it with pride as I couldn’t imagine loving another man the way I am in love with you. Each sparkle reminds me daily of the strength of its meaning. It keeps my heart warm when I miss you so much that my tears are cold.

When the leaves here in Oregon turn golden, orange and red I’ll be leaving on a plane headed for your Arizona. I’ll be back in your arms once again and I can hardly wait to experience what is only a memory right now all over again. I can’t even begin to imagine what you have planned. Sadly I’ve been counting down silently and while we are under 100 days it still seems like an eternity.

Yesterday you surprised me again by sending the most beautiful arrangement of red roses and stargazer lilies. The thoughtfulness you show to me when I’ve had a rough time is beyond what anyone has ever shown for me before. I feel your love from me with each perfumed petal. Thank you mi amor for being better than my knight in shining armor! Thank you for being my true love!

I’m sure I’ve missed telling so much here in this blog but as I explained I have a hard time finding the verbiage to put all the cascading thoughts in my mind and heart into something readable. The best I can do is simply say I love you, with all my being, soul and heart.

I am yours…for I have promised myself to you in this life and beyond.

Distance is only temporary.


Pretty Panda

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hardest thing to do

Dear Pretty Panda,
It has been almost 2 weeks since i left the beautiful and wonderful state of Oregon. I cant explain in words the amazing and incredible time you have shown me. Nothing was more amazing as seeing you for the first time in person. It was one of those moments that you thought was never real and made up in the movies, but this was real and amazing. You were 100x more beautiful than any picture or cam could ever picture you as. Your gift failed to even come close to the the shine, beauty, sparkle and flawlessness that is you.
Those 5 days were by far the best 5 days in my life. Nothing i dreamed of could compare to the way you felt, your touch, smell, amazing smile, eyes, in short everything about you was so much more than i could ever ask for. I am the luckiest guy in the world! Spending time with you was amazing!! I wish i had more time to spend there with you.
Our date night that you have planned was incredibly special and the most thoughtful and wonderful thing anyone has ever done for me. You looked absolutely amazing that night. You took my breath away. I could not ask for anyone more special, amazing, smart or beautiful as a girlfriend. I Love You Pretty Panda!!!
What was a wonderful dream tho turned into a nightmare. As on that last day i had to say goodbye to you to return back to the land of waterless rivers. It was the hardest thing i had to do, when i had to say goodbye to you and board that plane. As the tears from my eyes gently ran down my face i had to keep reminding myself that distance is only temporary for us and that we will have our day. I cant tell you how much i love you and that i cant wait for that day to come. You are truly amazing my love!! I love you with all my heart!!
Your Love,
Handsome Panda

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Waiting for you...21 Days!

Dear Handsome Panda,

I’ve been having sparks of impatient excitement! In just 21 days you and I will be wrapped in each other’s arms and sharing a magical first kiss. Can you imagine it? I know I go to bed each night dreaming about it. The pure, opalescent beauty of such a surreal moment in time. You are worth every ticking minute that I’ve spent waiting…waiting for this moment with you.

Your love carries me to places I can’t explain. I’m flabbergasted with my emotions and sometimes sparkling tears of happiness just flow from my hazel eyes. Never before has a man shown me so much appreciation, affection, understanding, friendship, respect and most importantly, love. Sometimes I’m not sure how to react to it all as this is entirely new. I’m sure I’ll learn as I’m addicted to how amazingly beautiful you make me feel.

Your surprise package contained the most thoughtful gift, an arctic fleece panda hoodie! I’ve been searching for one of these since you first starting calling me your “panda”. I snuggle into the warmth of the fleece and imagine you there wrapped around me instead. I know that a lot of searching was involved to find that hoodie and I can’t express the appreciation I feel to you. In June I intend to thank you properly…with sweet kisses and all my love.

I love you more than pixels on a screen or written words can express.


Pretty Panda

Monday, May 5, 2008


Dear Pretty Panda,
As each day passes i realize how much i love you more than the last. I can hardly wait for the beautiful sound of your voice as I wait patiently by the phone. The sound of your voice wipes away any anxieties of life I may be having and puts a smile of happiness on my face. You truly are an amazing, incredible, beautiful, intelligent, and funny woman, and im the luckiest guy on earth to have you in my life.
As of right now we sit at 45 days till something amazing happens. Time, nor distance will matter for we will be in each other arms in a world of our own. Ive never hated time, nor distance as i do right now. Just know that i plan to take you in my arms and take you to a place you have never been before, where nothing in the world will matter but us, a place that we believed to be only in our dreams, some would describe it as heaven, but i can only think of one word to describe it. Love. True Love. This is something we have given each other and something we will cherish forever.
The other day I received a special box from you full of amazing and wonderful stuff. The thought and time you put into such gifts touches my heart and i cant thank you enough for them. In 45 Days though i have a special gift to give you. One from my heart and that can only be delivered in person. As to what this special gift is I shall not reveal the contents until that magical day June. Until that day I sit impatiently waiting till i can take you in my arms and tell you that, "I Love You!! With my whole heart and soul."

Handsome Panda

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Dear Handsome Panda,

It’s amazing how your sweet written words bring both a smile and tears to my face all at the same time. I finally understand what it means to love someone so much that it makes you cry. You are beyond amazing! Having you a part of my life is the most precious gift I’ve ever been given.

I can’t imagine being closer with anyone. We joke around and say that we “share a brain” but in reality I think that might be true. The same humor, emotions, fears…we share something only to realize that the other person has the identical idea. Sometimes we don’t even need the words to say what we mean to each other. It’s what one would call “magic” I guess.

We have this uncanny ability to talk about everything and anything each night for hours and still never reach the point where our conversation becomes dull. When you speak, I almost feel euphoric. Your voice is my sanctuary and your ears my shelter. I trust wholeheartedly in you. Being able to discuss silly neurotic fears and insecurities with you, even while pointing out your own, makes me fall that much deeper for the beautiful person that you are. You are my champion and I your lady...together we will fight against our darker sides.

You are my inspiration to be better than I am and everything I do I think about you first. The influence we have had on each other has been beyond positive and I can’t wait for more. We only make each other more beautiful!

These days I find myself gazing into nothing daydreaming about you. Vivid and colorful. Scented and textile. Sometimes I drive myself crazy over the thought of you.

I sit and rub my fingers across the hematite necklace you sent me from Arizona. I’m counting down the days until summer..when the warm Oregon sunshine will try outshine the love I have for you. Let it try I say! Let it try!

I <8 you!

Pretty Panda

Monday, March 24, 2008

So Begins the Journey

Dear Pretty Panda,

I can not express into words the joy you bring to me. You make strive to be even better than I am, and than what I believe I can do. Your laughter brings and warm sayings make my heart happy beyond compare. All the little things you do show your deep affection for me. I must say that I am blessed beyond compare to have someone like you in my life. Your values and morals far exceed any girl I have met. Tho we have yet met there is a special bond between us.

It has almost been a week since I sent you a special package filled with trinkets, and clothing from Arizona. I hope things contained within the package make you feel special and amazing, for you truly are. Are late night talks from one extreme to the other, from silly to seriousness are something I will hold deep in my heart.

I’m deeply apologize for the lateness of this post as I found it hard to even find the words to express the feeling and joy you bring to me. Even now I feel that the words written in this post cant even come close to amazing, smart, and beautiful person that you are. So now begins our amazing and wonderful journey together minutes and miles away from each other but yet so close and lost in the moment.


Handsome Panda

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Beginning of the Tale

Handsome Panda,

How did this happen?

You understand my riddles with clairity. You pick up on the little change in my voice when I’m sleepy. You can make me laugh with the silliest of inside jokes even through tears. You can describe my facial expressions for each emotion. The simple sound of your voice on the line makes my heart skip. Your dramatic eyes entrance me. I adore you.

Yet…we have never met. Time is captured in dreams while we sleep over 1,200 miles apart.

I’m not sure how two people with such diverse backgrounds, differences and distance can become best friends, but just maybe, it was just meant to be that way. To me it feels as natural as lemonade on a hot summer day or the taste of peanut butter and jelly. Something here is just…“right”.

We have a story that is being written day after day. I’m sure we can’t be alone in this world of love and wonderment. Someone will read it.

Here begins the first post of the tale…hoping there is never an ending.

Pretty Panda