Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Its about time...

Dear Pretty Panda,

My deepest apologies for not writing sooner as things have been busy and finding the write words has been hard. The time you were here was beyond anything I could imagine. Showing you my world is something that I hope you will keep with your forever and cherish. From the moment you stepped off that plane I was elevated to a place beyond happiness, where nothing in the world seemed to matter but us. I will not forget your looks of amazement as you saw things from the very first cacti (not harvested), to the amazing Sedona scenery, to the look on your face as we over looked the city from atop the grand Ferris wheel. I love you so much mi amor! Everytime I see your face you are more prettier than when I saw you last.

There is only one word that i can think of every time i think of you, Perfect. You are everything i could ever ask for and more. The love and care you show for me is greater than anything i could have ever imagined. From a random text to let me know your thinking of me to the wonderful gifts you bestow upon me. I can only hope that i make you feel as wonderful as you make me feel. Soon will begin a new year and i cant help but say that im excited for the events that will take place. For the first time im glad a new year is here. I look forward toward all the wonderful time and memories we will share and maybe a trip to Catalina. I know you were worried about what my parents would think of you but i can tell you this that they like you and i know you will grow a close bond to my familia.

As i sit and write this mi amor i cant help but look at the picture of us on my desk and how happy we look together. Soon my love that will be everyday for us and no one will be able to keep us apart. I love you so much!!! I send you all my love and kisses and cant wait for the day i get to see you again. Te Amo!

With All My Love,

Handsome Panda