Monday, March 24, 2008

So Begins the Journey

Dear Pretty Panda,

I can not express into words the joy you bring to me. You make strive to be even better than I am, and than what I believe I can do. Your laughter brings and warm sayings make my heart happy beyond compare. All the little things you do show your deep affection for me. I must say that I am blessed beyond compare to have someone like you in my life. Your values and morals far exceed any girl I have met. Tho we have yet met there is a special bond between us.

It has almost been a week since I sent you a special package filled with trinkets, and clothing from Arizona. I hope things contained within the package make you feel special and amazing, for you truly are. Are late night talks from one extreme to the other, from silly to seriousness are something I will hold deep in my heart.

I’m deeply apologize for the lateness of this post as I found it hard to even find the words to express the feeling and joy you bring to me. Even now I feel that the words written in this post cant even come close to amazing, smart, and beautiful person that you are. So now begins our amazing and wonderful journey together minutes and miles away from each other but yet so close and lost in the moment.


Handsome Panda

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Beginning of the Tale

Handsome Panda,

How did this happen?

You understand my riddles with clairity. You pick up on the little change in my voice when I’m sleepy. You can make me laugh with the silliest of inside jokes even through tears. You can describe my facial expressions for each emotion. The simple sound of your voice on the line makes my heart skip. Your dramatic eyes entrance me. I adore you.

Yet…we have never met. Time is captured in dreams while we sleep over 1,200 miles apart.

I’m not sure how two people with such diverse backgrounds, differences and distance can become best friends, but just maybe, it was just meant to be that way. To me it feels as natural as lemonade on a hot summer day or the taste of peanut butter and jelly. Something here is just…“right”.

We have a story that is being written day after day. I’m sure we can’t be alone in this world of love and wonderment. Someone will read it.

Here begins the first post of the tale…hoping there is never an ending.

Pretty Panda