Thursday, April 3, 2008


Dear Handsome Panda,

It’s amazing how your sweet written words bring both a smile and tears to my face all at the same time. I finally understand what it means to love someone so much that it makes you cry. You are beyond amazing! Having you a part of my life is the most precious gift I’ve ever been given.

I can’t imagine being closer with anyone. We joke around and say that we “share a brain” but in reality I think that might be true. The same humor, emotions, fears…we share something only to realize that the other person has the identical idea. Sometimes we don’t even need the words to say what we mean to each other. It’s what one would call “magic” I guess.

We have this uncanny ability to talk about everything and anything each night for hours and still never reach the point where our conversation becomes dull. When you speak, I almost feel euphoric. Your voice is my sanctuary and your ears my shelter. I trust wholeheartedly in you. Being able to discuss silly neurotic fears and insecurities with you, even while pointing out your own, makes me fall that much deeper for the beautiful person that you are. You are my champion and I your lady...together we will fight against our darker sides.

You are my inspiration to be better than I am and everything I do I think about you first. The influence we have had on each other has been beyond positive and I can’t wait for more. We only make each other more beautiful!

These days I find myself gazing into nothing daydreaming about you. Vivid and colorful. Scented and textile. Sometimes I drive myself crazy over the thought of you.

I sit and rub my fingers across the hematite necklace you sent me from Arizona. I’m counting down the days until summer..when the warm Oregon sunshine will try outshine the love I have for you. Let it try I say! Let it try!

I <8 you!

Pretty Panda