Thursday, May 29, 2008

Waiting for you...21 Days!

Dear Handsome Panda,

I’ve been having sparks of impatient excitement! In just 21 days you and I will be wrapped in each other’s arms and sharing a magical first kiss. Can you imagine it? I know I go to bed each night dreaming about it. The pure, opalescent beauty of such a surreal moment in time. You are worth every ticking minute that I’ve spent waiting…waiting for this moment with you.

Your love carries me to places I can’t explain. I’m flabbergasted with my emotions and sometimes sparkling tears of happiness just flow from my hazel eyes. Never before has a man shown me so much appreciation, affection, understanding, friendship, respect and most importantly, love. Sometimes I’m not sure how to react to it all as this is entirely new. I’m sure I’ll learn as I’m addicted to how amazingly beautiful you make me feel.

Your surprise package contained the most thoughtful gift, an arctic fleece panda hoodie! I’ve been searching for one of these since you first starting calling me your “panda”. I snuggle into the warmth of the fleece and imagine you there wrapped around me instead. I know that a lot of searching was involved to find that hoodie and I can’t express the appreciation I feel to you. In June I intend to thank you properly…with sweet kisses and all my love.

I love you more than pixels on a screen or written words can express.


Pretty Panda

Monday, May 5, 2008


Dear Pretty Panda,
As each day passes i realize how much i love you more than the last. I can hardly wait for the beautiful sound of your voice as I wait patiently by the phone. The sound of your voice wipes away any anxieties of life I may be having and puts a smile of happiness on my face. You truly are an amazing, incredible, beautiful, intelligent, and funny woman, and im the luckiest guy on earth to have you in my life.
As of right now we sit at 45 days till something amazing happens. Time, nor distance will matter for we will be in each other arms in a world of our own. Ive never hated time, nor distance as i do right now. Just know that i plan to take you in my arms and take you to a place you have never been before, where nothing in the world will matter but us, a place that we believed to be only in our dreams, some would describe it as heaven, but i can only think of one word to describe it. Love. True Love. This is something we have given each other and something we will cherish forever.
The other day I received a special box from you full of amazing and wonderful stuff. The thought and time you put into such gifts touches my heart and i cant thank you enough for them. In 45 Days though i have a special gift to give you. One from my heart and that can only be delivered in person. As to what this special gift is I shall not reveal the contents until that magical day June. Until that day I sit impatiently waiting till i can take you in my arms and tell you that, "I Love You!! With my whole heart and soul."

Handsome Panda