Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seconds Closer

Dear Handsome Panda,

I’m staring at the clock as it ticks down, the seconds passing. Struggling to keep the sanity between the time it seems that I can’t think straight, speak with sense or breathe fully without feeling the aching emptiness I carry around in my heart not being able to be with you. I miss you.

I treasure our evenings together chatting on the phone, telling secrets between each other, playing in a pixilated world of fantasy, celebrating our precious 8/8/08, poking fun of each other, watching movies wireless, our in-depth philosophical conversations and those little moments where just the sound of your breathe over the phone line is enough to make me feel like I’m being held by you.

September has arrived and I’m starting to feel the momentum of being days closer to you. I keep looking for that first autumn leaf to fall. The symbol that means I’ll soon be boarding that plane and drifting on clouds, only to fall securely in your arms. It just can’t come soon enough.

When I was young and na├»ve I used to wish for a crystal ball that would show me the future. I used to wonder if I would ever find my true love and what my life would be like with them. I’ve found better then a crystal ball…I found you and I know what our future will be like…it will be full of love. Nothing could have prepared me for the way that I love you and the unconditional way that you love me in return. Forget the crystal ball as I’m convinced the future couldn’t have seen this one coming either.

The second hand is still ticking away on the clock with each echoing click bringing me closer to you. I give you those seconds and every second ever after.

I love you my darling.


Pretty Panda